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Yes, I'm angry at the BNP. I'm angry at their tendency to lie when they canvas, I'm angry at their insistence that they're not racist HONEST, but really? I'm even angrier at Labour. They've abandoned their traditional ideology, they abandoned the working class to go and court big business in an attempt to make Britain the "enterprise capital of the world," and then act all surprised when the electorate turn to the BNP. It's because they're pissed off and they've got no alternative.

The thing that really scares me is that they have a European platform, they have a national platform and they'll get more funding. More funding means more opportunity to play on people's fears and spread their poison.

ETA: If you're in the UK and are as apalled as I am, sign the Hope Not Hate's campaign petition.
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A few months ago, Imogen Heap relased vocal tracks to a song she never finished and invited members of the public to build a song around them. This has GOT to be the best attempt. It's hysterical. Listen. Laugh. Be amazed.
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via gnarwhal @ LJ:

Old Trek in the style of New Trek.
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We had gorgeous weather so today was a shiny thing of joy: Walk on the beach, strawberries, eating out followed by some Star Trekking across the universe. I'm incredibly late to this party but whatever. I'm quite gripey here but I assure you, I did enjoy it. Spoilers. )

Overheard in the loos afterward -

Girl #1: I couldn't decide if I liked Spock or the Doctor better.
Girl #2: Oh the Doctor was really good.
Girl #1: Was he in Lord of the Rings?
Girl #2: Yeah, he was Eo- Eh- Eh-oh. ... The guy on the horse.
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And they were evil. EVIL. In league with Satan. Bumped into my advisor after the second one and swore I'd be fine but on the other hand, he's the evil bugger who set the paper, so what does he know, with his LLB and his philosophy degree and his tartan scarf and his facebook fanclub (of which I'm a member, oh, I can't help it, I love him, he's a sweetie)...
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One exam down, three to go. I think it went okay but I'm bricking myself about tomrrow. I'm dog tired already but I've got two exams to get through tomorrow. I'm going to be dead to the world after five tomorrow. Not looking forward to it at. All.

In other news, I think I'll be voting in the European election in June, and I'd encourage all other UK types to do the same. I know they're corrupt, I know there's nothing to choose between the mainstream parties, I know it's massively apathy-inducing but when apathy takes over the electorate, that's when the BNP pick up seats. That scares me. So vote, please vote. Vote for the lesser evil, vote monster raving looney party if you have to, anything to decrease their share of the vote. Here's some choice quotes if you still need convincing:

“Honestly now, would you prefer your kid growing up in Oldham and Burnley or 1930s Germany? It would be better for your child to grow up there.”
Mark Collett, leader of the Young BNP on Channel 4 in 2004

“Meanwhile, the indigenous side in the low-to-medium level civil war brewing in this country is getting its training...It’s all going to get very messy.”
Nick Griffin’s blog on BNP website

“Rape is simply sex. Women enjoy sex, so rape cannot be such a terrible physical ordeal… [It] is like suggesting forcefeeding a woman chocolate cake is a heinous offence.”
Then BNP London organiser and GLA candidate, Nick Eriksen

AIDS is “a friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it.”
Mark Collett, leader of the Young BNP on Channel 4 in 2004
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Aberdeen and Glasgow are fighting over Groundskeeper Willie. Wow. I think over the course of the series he's been portrayed as a Wegie, an Aberdonian and a...what's the nickname for someone who comes from Inverness? One of those too. And with that accent, god only knows where he comes from. Grow up, people.

Also, Aberdeen is in the Highlands now? Who knew!
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With the big-budget Terminator: Salvation opening this week, io9 have a nice article on another, comparatively no-budget, story about killer robots. Is the Robots of Death the greatest killer robot story of all time?

I don't know if it's the greatest one of all time but I do know I love the hell out of this story. It's clever without being convoluted, the special effects are cheap but not toe-curlingly awful, the robots are cheaply made but dammit, those metallic faces with that faintly egyptian facial style just look cool. It owes a lot to Asimov, sure but it you're, going to borrow in a robot story, borrow from the. To me, Asimov is to robots what Tolkien is to fantasy, what George Romero is to zombies. I think the writers of New!Who should take a look at this story and freaking learn from it. There's no ear-drum splitting soundtrack, no frantic running around, no yelling, no supporting characters who just gawp the doctor and go on about how awesome he is, no wangst. Most importantly, there's no random deus-ex-machina with the Doctor solving the problem with some random shiny tech or a magic beam, no to save the day he uses spoiler! )

Like I said, don't know if it's the best killer robot story but it's definitely one of the best Who stories. If youre only experience of Dr. Who are the new seasons, pick up a copy of Robots of Death to further your Who education. See how they did things in the olden days.
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The team behind ICO and Shadow of the Collosus are developing a game for the PS3. The gameplay looks like a combination of ICO and SotC; you explore a labyrinth like in ICO, and you roam around with an animal companion like SotC, only instead of a horse you get a collosus which looks like a giant kitten-dragon-griffin thing. *MAKES GRABBY HANDS*

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So, you're in Fandom X. Fandom X has been going for a long time, it's still good but the prevailing opinion seems to be that the overall quality has dropped in recent years. This is the overall opinion, some individuals in fandom X love the new stuff as much as the old, others just hate the recent stuff.

You can acknowledge the faults of fandom X but you still like it, by and large. You can take part in a reasonable discussion about the merits and de-merits of it but hey, it's your fandom and you can't bring yourself to loathe it entirely. That's what being a fan is all about, right? There's a certain amount of irrationality involved in being a fan (IMO).

So, the "others" who hate the new output are still hanging around the fan communities and taking every opportunity they can to be scathing about the new material, loudly and often. You know the ones; as soon as you see their usernames, you can guess with a high degree of accuracy what they're going to say. It can be irritating given how vociferous and repetitive it is but hey, if the positive comments are welcomed, shouldn't negative ones be too? Everyone has the right to an opinion after all.

Is it right to be irritated by this behaviour then? Is it slightly pointless for them to still be active in fandom X if they don't actually like the output anymore? On the other hand, if they're still fans of the old material, that's still a justification to hang around fandom...or is it, since even in discussions of old material, they just take that as their cue to wail about how much it sucks now?

Is their position a valid one, or does it reach a point where it's redundant whining? If you're not behaving like a fan anymore, is there any point to partaking in fan communities? Does it amount to trolling even, or should the non-haters just have to put up with it?
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As much as I love reading about delictual liability, I love reading this a whole lot more.
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So, Terminator got better Ratings that Dollhouse, overall the critical reception for Terminator was better than Dollhouse, Terminator has far less dubious and ickly sexual politics than Dollhouse, the Terminator franchise has a major movie coming out in the summer whereas Dollhouse has nada.

Yet you've renewed Dollhouse and cancelled Terminator. I'm sure there's some kind of genius, masterplan behind this but I can't quite work out what it is. Are you scared of another Whedon-fan backlash like the Firefly one? Do you have something against Summer Glau?

*Weeps bitter tears into my "Go Team John Henry!" banner.*
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