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So, you're in Fandom X. Fandom X has been going for a long time, it's still good but the prevailing opinion seems to be that the overall quality has dropped in recent years. This is the overall opinion, some individuals in fandom X love the new stuff as much as the old, others just hate the recent stuff.

You can acknowledge the faults of fandom X but you still like it, by and large. You can take part in a reasonable discussion about the merits and de-merits of it but hey, it's your fandom and you can't bring yourself to loathe it entirely. That's what being a fan is all about, right? There's a certain amount of irrationality involved in being a fan (IMO).

So, the "others" who hate the new output are still hanging around the fan communities and taking every opportunity they can to be scathing about the new material, loudly and often. You know the ones; as soon as you see their usernames, you can guess with a high degree of accuracy what they're going to say. It can be irritating given how vociferous and repetitive it is but hey, if the positive comments are welcomed, shouldn't negative ones be too? Everyone has the right to an opinion after all.

Is it right to be irritated by this behaviour then? Is it slightly pointless for them to still be active in fandom X if they don't actually like the output anymore? On the other hand, if they're still fans of the old material, that's still a justification to hang around fandom...or is it, since even in discussions of old material, they just take that as their cue to wail about how much it sucks now?

Is their position a valid one, or does it reach a point where it's redundant whining? If you're not behaving like a fan anymore, is there any point to partaking in fan communities? Does it amount to trolling even, or should the non-haters just have to put up with it?
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