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We had gorgeous weather so today was a shiny thing of joy: Walk on the beach, strawberries, eating out followed by some Star Trekking across the universe. I'm incredibly late to this party but whatever.

The plot made no sense, NO sense. I mean, seriously, Eric Bana is pissed because Romulus got destroyed by a supernova and because Spock didn't stop it he's going to save Romulus by destroying a whole heap of other planets with the same giant Babybel that Spock was going to use to save Romulus, which doesn't actually affect the supernova at all. And black holes at the start of the film cause time travel but at the end of the film they rip ships to tiny little bits? And if he was pulled through time, why didn't he just give Romulus advance warning, that would have acutally made a material difference, how does destroying a whole heap of other planets save Romulus? And I'm pretty sure leaving black holes lying around everywhere can't be good for anyone and...oh I give up.

The rest was distracting enough that you can just ignore the plot, or at least see it for what it really is: A lame excuse for exciting stunts, shiny ships blowing eachother up, in-jokes a plenty1 and snappy dialogue.

But while we're on the subject of distractions, oh. my.god the lensflare. you lot weren't exagerrating, were you? A couple of times I can forgive but it was in every second shot. Look, JJ, I want to look at the pretty ships, the pretty people and the pretty starfields, I do not want the entire screen to be whited out by totally pointless lens-flare. Seriously, what were you trying to achieve? Did you want the film to look like it was filmed from the perspective of a goldfish bowl? If so, mission accomplished.

1My favourite was Captain Pike ending up in a wheelchair in the end. God damn alternate timeline couldn't save him from wheelchair-dom. But at least he didn't get burned to a crisp and doesn't have to communicate by going, "Booooop. Booooop."

Overheard in the loos afterward -

Girl #1: I couldn't decide if I liked Spock or the Doctor better.
Girl #2: Oh the Doctor was really good.
Girl #1: Was he in Lord of the Rings?
Girl #2: Yeah, he was Eo- Eh- Eh-oh. ... The guy on the horse.


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